Thursday, August 26, 2004

lets have a picnic go to the park/rolling round till long after dark/down at the beach or a party in town

So the end of my first week directing traffic as a member of the safety patrol is drawing to a close, and I feel as if I've learned many many things. First, the hand signals that you are taught are helpful, however, only other crossing guards will understand what you're trying to convey with them at all times. To prevent accidents, step in front of cars before you motion others on. Not that I've caused any accidents, but I've certainly seen my share of "man if that other car had done what I'd told it to, it'd have gotten rocked. . ." All because some people try to think for the safety patrol instead of thinking for themselves. I've also learned that you should look back before stepping back since anything could be back there, cars, sticks, debris, but mainly cars.

Another thing I've gotten to learn is that being outside is without a doubt the best way to spend any day. I'm convinced that outdoors, even outdoors in the middle of traffic is an awesome place. I'd spend more time outdoors, if I had time to spend. Every morning when I wake up there's a halo hanging from the corner of my four post bed. . . oh wait, that's a lyric to a song. What I meant to say was, every morning when I wake up, its a horrible battle, but once I step outside and the sun's shining, birds are singing, I'm instantly awake. And its been scientifically proven that sun is the key factor in actually becoming alert upon wakening. Now all I need to do is remember to bring some gatorade to my post to replenish my quickly departing electrolytes during my post.

And what could be better with any given day spent outside than music? I think War said it best with All Day Music. That's right, War. The group who brought such hits as Lowrider and Cisco Kid. They did more than just two good songs. All Day Music is one of them. Enjoy.

My mood?

Always look back before you step back

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