Monday, October 20, 2003

Hola, peanut butter cups! This day has been one of mixed feelings, unfortunately. Some good thoughts, some bad. Lets break it down shall we? Today as I was waking up, I begin to think about what really motivates someone? Why do we do what we do? For instance, my dad watches football, and all he's really concerned about is how well a team will perform against the Titans. Not that there's something wrong about that really. But it makes me wonder what exactly motivates him to feel that strongly about the Titans. Maybe its the fact that they have a quarterback he relates to, since the QB came from Alcorn State, a SWAC school (and HBCU). Why does anyone do what they do? What makes us tick? Well, more specifically, what makes us keep doing what we do? What gives us devotion to teams, to other people? Is it because of some desire to have future gratification or blessings (for lack of a better word) produced by what we attach our emotions and hopes on today? For instance, I want to go buy a video game. Its $14.99, outside of my set price range. Yet I know this game to be incredible, and I know the longer I let it sit, the more likely it will be bought and enjoyed by someone else. But I don't want to drop 15 bones on it. And haven't thus far. What makes me think of 15 dollars as being too high a price for a video game? Not too mention this same reasoning doesn't seem to apply to my driving because I spend. And as I've learned from my time in traffic court, tickets are far more than 15 dollars. Yet this hasn't seemed to stem my desire to speed. I'm not even really going anywhere, it could just be a trip to the local Burger King for some overly fatty sustenance, and I'll still speed like I'm a crack fiend trying to hurry over to the dealer to get my hit. My point is, I have different motives. I think since I don't think of both of the expenses as being necessary, I tend to speed because it doesn't always produce an expense. Everytime I speed without getting caught its just postive reinforcement. But everytime I spend money on a video game, my bank account definitely drops like like crazy. Either way, the truth of the matter is, finding the proper motivation has to be more important to than what exactly it is that motivates you. Anyway, my plans for tomorrow? Class, class and more class. Nothing more fun than that. If I can make it to the video store, I intend to rent a video or two. Anyway, holla back Nerds.

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