Monday, October 13, 2003

Holla back young'n! Ooo ooo!! What's going on, candied apples? I'm back for another lovely Monday, the best day of the week, no doubt? Okay, Monday sucks, but here I am blogging and street talking like its any other day. Right. . .anyway, there's not been much on my mind today, I know its getting pretty disappointing for me to keep posting when I don't have "deep thoughts". I might as well change the name of this blog to something other than deep thoughts. Like, "sometimes deep thoughts, but mostly badly arranged sentences that are meant to appear as deep thoughts". Or we could call this someone's fan site, since all I ever do is talk about her. And she never reads this. How do I know? I'll never send her the URL. Well, I might have on accident actually. Oh well. The point of the matter is this, I started out to have deep intelligent thoughts on my journal for the mass enjoyment of others, but its quickly turned into something other than nonignorance. Dare I say, ignorance? But if that's the case, at least I'm really really happy, since ignorance is definitely bliss. Of course, ignorance is only bliss for a short period of time. How blissful can you be if you don't see that truck? But if you want to break it down into real thoughts here, you don't know about the truck until it hits you, and you're perfectly happy till you know. So really, ignorance is still bliss, but its present bliss, and not future bliss. Whatever which way you want to think of it. Oh well, be real, jelly rolls.

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