Wednesday, October 08, 2003

What's gwan on Sweet Tarts? There's nothing cooler than sitting around and typing journals for a class in an hour. I know there's nothing cooler, cause here I am doing it. I'm going to have to start doing this twice a week, cause this is hard!! Finding communications thoughts, about how communications works 15 times in the same few days is seriously tapping out some of my creativity. I'm working on a song, I think you'll find it intriguing and fun, but actually it'll just be me vocalizing how I feel. Again. Also Juice is bringing the pain, and we all know that Juice brings the pain like crazy. Well, I gotta get back to this here journal writing. But on the thoughtside, I think I'm kinda bummed out, had a really weird dream about. . . well I'll talk about it later. I guess to be fair I should sort it all out and try to make some sense of it. I'll see ya'll later Snickers bars.

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