Thursday, October 23, 2003

Oh my god. I just lost a post that was at least three pages long. That just gives me a headache. What's going down, Cadbury's? I don't even feel like posting anymore. But I will continue on, because I have neglected my blog. It feels like its been awhile since I sent some blog lovin anyone's way, but basically I've been pretty busy. Seems like life is speeding along on this little subway train I call time. Here's something interesting for those of you here in Huntsville. The museum here rarely has good artwork, but there's an interesting exhibit here now. Here's two pictures of the work that's being exhibited, really much of it is anime and manga inspired. From what I've heard its really good, but then again, how many of us want to hear about art, when we can go and experience. Show the museum some love, maybe they'll bring in more modern art in the future if there's a good turn out. Also, I've put some time into a few video games as of late, and will invest a bit more time into it. I've really not spent much time, or as much time musing as I normally do. Lately it seems my mind has been full of a lot of different more concrete subjects, i.e. will I flunk this class, if so what will I do, how long can you carry a torch, all of that good stuff. But along those lines, it seems that many people think of abstract thought as being a waste of their time. Abstract thought is something that I think we all should engage in from time to time. I had a really strong argument for why typed up and of course I lost that post, but I'll make it again, because its just that strong. Abstract thought is far from a waste of time. By means of abstract thought we can think beyond merely what someone tells us, and further into what it really is. It is a means of deducing the why of a matter, and not just the what's, who's, where's, and when's. Thinking abstractly helps us to deduce why, for instance, obeying laws are beneficial. We know that murder is against the law, and by reasoning on the concrete plain, we know not to do it. Abstractly speaking, though, we know murder is wrong because as a human, we don't have the right to take another's life. This in itself is the essence behind the law, the principle that carries the law, and only through abstract thought can we understand that. As humans, we are the only animal who can think and reason on the abstract plain, and we should take advantage of that ability. If we reflect of the why's of a matter, it becomes more than just a fact, it becomes a reality. There is a distinct difference between the two. More succinctly, abstract reasoning allows us to discern what is true and believable, and what is false and clearly deceptive. The old saying is that if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. Really, if you don't examine what you stand for, reason upon it abstractly, you've already fallen for something. Unfortunately the trend today is to think concretely only. Most people if you asked them what time is, they'd tell you, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, eons and so forth, but if you asked them to define time in their own words, they wouldn't be able to. Because they haven't had the time to think deeply about the matter. All things we are told should be subjected to rigorous and thorough study, so as to be proven before they can be believed. At least that's my thought on the matter. Take it easy, pralines.

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