Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Howdy doody ladies and gents? No candy, I've actually tapped myself out, and it only took a few weeks? Not to worry, I'm headed to Candy! Candy! (and that's the official title) to check out some different names, and load up on fresh types of candy real soon. Today consisted of shrugged off laundry and work! Nothing like work. And some studying and some class. But work was definitely fun and it seemed to last forever, actually it probably did last forever, I just have a skewed sense of time. But I did a bunch of hours this week, (a comparative superlative really) and I look forward to the paycheck that shall bring. While picking up after the filthiest animals on this planet (the Army Core Of Engineers, I happened to pick one of the dozens of free USA Today's that got left in the room. Being the avid reader that I am, I took the time to peruse the paper and literally was shocked to see a full headline involving stripping and how woman are not enjoying it. It was accompanied by a topless woman dancing for another older woman smoking a cigar. My first thought was, what the heck?!?! My second thought was, WHAT THE HECK?!?! What is the world coming to when women are going to strip joints to see other women dance? I'm a male, and I think that stripping, the act of taking off one's clothes in a sensual manner for the gratification of those watching is degrading to women. It doesn't celebrate the feminity of a woman, nor does it empower them. All it does is make men, and apparently women, feel more powerful than they really are. There is nothing empowering about disrobing in a room full of people simply to make them feel good. Nothing at all. I've never really bought all that jazz about celebrating the human form, but this even makes nudist colonies seem benign. The nudist colony's goal isn't sexual arousal (in some cases). The goal there is freedom from society. In stripping, the goal is to stimulate someone's senses to the point of sexual arousal. Why would any woman want to see another woman bumping and grinding on a pole? I was so disgusted by the idea that I couldn't finish the article. I'm thoroughly disappointed and disgusted. I genuinely hope that this is not the growing trend among human society, but unfortunately, it seems that it is. With each passing year, I notice more and more the depravity of mankind. It seems odd to call supposedly the most sentient beings on this planet perverse and utterly primal, but apparently this is exactly what human's have become. I think things will no doubt be worse before they become better. If anyone's offended by the topic of today, I'm sorry, because I am too. Later.

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