Thursday, October 16, 2003

I'm so past depressed its a shame. Sgwan on, lemonheads. Today's just not my day. I've never felt so angry/sad/depressed/hopeless/discouraged/idiotic/pointless. I just want to grab today by the throat and squeeze. Too bad we can't just kill a bad day, and forget about it. I should've stayed in bed today, really. I can't even share all my thoughts today, because the majority of them aren't even worth putting word to. Anyway, I got paid today. That was a total disappointment. I worked till 12 at night, lifting tables and whatever else, and all I got out of it didn't even make up for the tired I felt afterwards. And the government took a seventh of my check. A seventh!! I don't even like this government, but they take a freaking seventh outta my check?! What the heck do you do with a freaking seventh of my check?!? Make war? Fund all the crap that I don't even condone?!?! Pay the freaking cops that always ALWAYS harrass me, that look at me like a threat just because of the color of my skin. Next time a cop pulls me over, I'm going to slap his aviator shades off his face, and get my money's worth kicking his hide. I sponsor racial profiling, so I might as well fit the profile. I just really really really REALLY hate that I have to kick out that kinda money to be harrassed, to some people who personally, I wouldn't mind seeing starving in the street. I honestly swear that there is nothing to be said to me that would even remotely change my mind. I'm outta here, maybe I'll feel better after tonight. Be calm, red hots.

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