Wednesday, October 01, 2003

A bit of fresh peppermint, I gotta poem/song/lyrical musing to post, just something bouncing around in my head, needs to get out before my skull lining gets swollen and my thoughts get stuck.

I'm shook and my mind is blown,
I've lost my sense and my pride is gone.
Love's not been my plan, I've long since washed my hands,
too bad it didn't agree, cause ever since it started messing with me,
I've been thinking about you way too long,
been going to bed, singing love songs.
Reflecting on seeing you smile, and its driving me wild.
I don't want to be another victim, so I took my thoughts and ripped em.
Threw them in the trash, reminded myself I don't have feelings,
"Just remember the past, and you'll avoid the dealings.
Drama isn't your style, so just throw this one to the pile."
And I tried after talking to myself, file this on my imaginary bookshelf.
But I faild at that, and I that's when I knew
I'd be writing poems and thinking about you.
So here I am doing exactly what i avoided
Hopefully you'll not notice and I'll be on my way.

Hmm. . .that was aight, I guess. Anyway, here's some good news!! I think I'll be getting the internship at school. No money. =( but plenty of credit hours. Really just three credit hours for 210 literal hours of work, but you know what? That's cool with me, I could use more hours. Anyway, take it easy, stay outta the warm salivary type environments, cause candy melts. Keep it real.

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