Friday, October 03, 2003

What's going hooha's? Well, the video's are up. And well, the NY video was okay, I guess. I know I don't have any friends in the NYC area now, cause I dogged them all out in Jeremy's site. I might not have any friends in the surrounding area either, seeing how they were in the video. Either way, I'm friendless now. Not that that bothers me, I don't think that's much different than now. Today was great, I didn't have to go to school, but I have to work, so maybe its not really a fall break? Not sure what's on the schedule for tomorrow, since today's pretty much booked, I've heard rumors of an A&M game. And I'm always down for that. I seem to have Flower by the Eels stuck in my head, in particular that one chorus line "Everyone is trying to bum me out." Sometimes I find it interesting that someone could be depressed, even if they do something they obviously enjoy. Then I look around at all the problems in the world and realize that the problems don't go away, just because you're doing things you enjoy. And its worth, if you get involved in the things you really enjoy, and then one day, you watch the news and just get sucked into this vacuum, devoid of all joy, that we call the world events. When I look at the youth now, I can't help but think, this can't get much worse, there's no way this can get much worse. What kind of world will my children (if I have them) grow up in? Will they be forced into cynicism like their father? Or will they end up dead in the gutter by the age of 16, or in the jail for leaving someone like that? Will my daughters be forced to fight off the ravenous young men, or do I have to be the type of father that sits on his porch with a shotgun and a desire to use it. Just thinking about most of that becomes depressing, especially if you have no hope at all. That's what I think some people would rather not even bother paying attention with what's going on in the world scene, so they can avoid having a total feeling of helplessness. But that's why we have a hope right? Right. Anyway, till next time, check out the videos, as I've said before, the NYC video was pretty good, I guess, it could've been worse, but they put a good deal of effort into making it. Find that and more here

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