Friday, October 17, 2003

What it be like, cotton candy? You know, its lonely without friends. You have to eat food by yourself and have conversations with yourself as well. I'm a darn good conversationalist for a guy without any friends. Actually, I have no idea where my friends were, but they didn't invite me, well, since I really don't have any. Or maybe it was because I had to work, they figured I wasn't really worth it, you know? Who knows? Anyway, I'm semi-joking about the friends, I'm pretty sure I just got left outta the mix, and I couldn't go hang out if I wanted to, since I had to work. Which, by the way, was okay. A lot of, you guessed it, heavy lifting!! There's nothing more fun than lifting heavy objects and moving them elsewhere. AND!!! I dropped a table on my toe!! YAY!! Hard wood at a good velocity impacted with a body part!! YAY!!! YAY!!! There could be nothing better than damaging my foot!! NOTHING!! I'm so excited for my foot. I didn't break it, I think. Too bad. And then I kept doing heavy lifting!! Isn't that incredible?! Yes yes it is, Javann. Sadly I'm back to talking to myself again. Man. . .this is more depressing than getting my check on Thursday. On another note, I'd like to say, I really don't like when people IM me and then ask me questions but they type three or four question marks, like, "My name's Homey!! What's your name???" Why is my name so imperative that it merits more than one question mark? There should be a law, against over use of punctuation marks, and the punishment would be all the punctuation buttons being removed from your keyboard. That'd be a good punishment. And people, people!! An elipse is . . . or three periods with spaces in between them, not ....... <---That's totally wrong!! TOTALLY!!! (Note the proper use of punctuation, seeing how I feel very strongly about that) Okay, sorry, I'm turning into a miserly old man. And I wonder why I don't have friends. Anyway, take it easy, hard caramels.

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