Wednesday, October 15, 2003

How's it going, nougats? The day is officially old, and I've had a full day for sure. So full that I'm blogging twice. That's right, TWICE, in the same day. Ain't that something? Well, its definitely something. I had a great time in class today, learning and what not, and you know, sometimes when I learn, I can feel my brain telling me that this might be important. Today we discussed how people loved differently. Just like there's different types of personalities, there are people who behave differently towards those they love. There's six types, Eros, Storge, Ludus, Mania, Agape, and Pragma. Eros is passionate and intense, whether physical, spiritual, intellectual or emotional. Then there's Storge (pronounced Store gay) which is comfortable best friends kind of love. Ludus is the playful, manipullative style, which doesn't put much value on commitment. Mania, is emotional and an "unsettling style of love marked by emotional extremes." Agape is the selfless type of love, we all know that, and there's Pragma, which is a calculating, goal oriented type of love. So what type are you? I think I know a pragmatic type but I'll not call names. I think I'm a Mania type, since I'm so emotional, but I could be wrong. I think its interesting that there's been a classified type, or that someone's tried to label each person's behavior towards people they love. I really don't think I fit into a certain type but you can be different types. I just might have soe Eros and some Agape in me, but I'm pretty sure I'm more manic than anything else. So that's what I'm learning in Foundations of Human Communications. If you want to know more, here's a nice link to help ya out Such fun. Anyway, I'm going to jet, thanks for checking out the blog cinnamon swabs!!

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