Saturday, October 11, 2003

Yay E Yay!! What's going on gum drops? Its the inevitably painful Saturday night. Why painful? Played the grand sport of football, and my knees have officially revolted from my body. They're causing me pain as I type. But I came away a lot better than Jerm. He had a knot the size of Mt. Everest on his elbow. And I do mean Mt. Everest. Of course I'm seriously thrilled cause of HER sheer presence. Which is pretty unsettling. I can't believe I'm this happy about one person. I guess its not a cerebral thing, if it were, it'd be a heck of a lot easier to control. I have no problems controlling my thoughts. Well, actually I do, but its not as bad as controlling I guess, a feeling? Anyway, enough jibba jabba. You don't have time for jibba jabba. You need to go out and start saving money. Me and Juice are ready to bring the musical pain with the latest album. Well, we're really not ready, but we're getting ready. Ready to bring the pain. The pain. . .ow. . .the pain!! Well, let me attend to the ice that needs to meet my knees. Shake that load off, butterscotches!!

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