Monday, October 27, 2003

Top o the Morning to ye, O'Malleys! Its Monday again, and after what I'd call a hectic weekend, I'm back with more thoughts and candy. Really just more candy, I've not had time to think at all this weekend. So, we did go check out the museum, the exhibit had some very interesting pieces in it, one of my favorite was the functioning survival kits, should the apocalypse befall us. There were two apocalypse survival cars, and a survival kit with all of the things you would need to live, as well as a survival item dispenser, much like a toy dispenser. For 200 yen, you could get a bandaid, or a bag of tea, or any of thousands of useful items. There was also some work involving video games where the "artist" took Soul Blade and had the characters repeat a sequence over and over again. The point was that the female always won, (in the battle of the sexes) and despite the fact that she always won, she still said submissive things to the male. There were a lot of good exhibits there, once again if you live here in the Huntsville area, I suggest you go check it out. Its seven for adults, six for students. Its worth the money. But something that's not worth the money is the Super Sale that came to town. The Super Sale, and I'll continue to capitalize it for no reason, charges admission. SO if something is there for a few dollars, you need to incorporate the six dollars you spent at the door. Though honestly, once you've spent the six dollars to get in, it really shouldn't matter. Even if it was a recent expenditure, you'll not get your moeny back, so it doesn't matter if you pay the six or not. At least not in economical terms. Then we played video games as Skyler's house, which seemed to me to even more hectic and weird. I saw a few people there, but it seemed like more people were there than were really there, since we were playing games and I didn't get the chance to absorb the fact that everyone who was there was in fact there. Also, I got to hang out with my baby brother, so this weekend was pretty good. Alright! So as far as deep thoughts, as you can see I really don't have em today, but I guess that's just the way it is. I gotta test today, so I'm off to make sure my skill is ready for testing. Alright. . .no no its not alright!! Keep it rizneal, peanutters.

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