Thursday, October 02, 2003

Well, tonight's the night. And no one could be more excited than me. Also, my blog maybe moving in the near future, I'm looking into investing into some webspace, or using my space on the UAH server, since its free. Only thing is whether or not it'll support this mass of digital programming I call a blog. Lately I've been having some pretty crazy dreams. All of them involving me and someone else, and somehow she ends up on a bus or car or motorcycle, and I end up running after it. I never catch it though. But the time that she's around me, the thing that stands out is her smile. Then I wake up with cramps in both legs from trying to catch her. Like I said, weird. Anyway, today's deep thought is on the English language, and the many derivatives of the English language. You know, if I were to go and look for a job, speaking Ebonics, I would most likely not get it. Saying "what's up dawg?" to your boss won't win you the employee of the month award. But on the other hand, if I went in, and asked my boss, "How have you been fairing this lovely October day?" and I continued to be verbose, then I'd be looked down upon as being fake, or even worse, pompous. Of course, I'm neither of those things, but isn't interesting how the words we choose to use can affect how others view us? For example, some rappers are intelligent people, but the way they use language can cause others to view them as being crass. I know that it doesn't help that they don't pull their pants all the way to their waist, or have tatooes on each arm and down their back, or even the fact that their hair is often wild and ostentatious. But I think, even in "normal" clothing, (at least normal from a societal standpoint) if they spoke the way they do now, they'd be no more accepted than before. And that is the power of language. Well, don't forget to check out Jerm's site to catch the vidAYOh of the Misconstrued Video Crew. I think you'll find both entries to be pleasant on the eyes, as well as equal to a deep tissuse massage for all of your organs.

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