Monday, October 06, 2003

What's gwan on raisinettes? I need a better computer. Or I need less processor consuming hobbies. Maybe its not the computer, but its the hobby. I guess that's a real good example of self serving bias. Ever notice how powerful music can be? You can get an entire theory on anything across, just add a catchy beat and say it in a few metaphors. Good example of a song that has a good message behind it is Hey Ya. I've been humming this song for the last week, been listening to it non-stop for a while too. There's a line in the song that made me think, he says somewhat, that if we say that nothing lasts forever, then why is love the exception? At first thought, that makes sense, and when you think about it, love was meant to last forever. We were meant to love someone forever. We were meant to live forever. Adam wasn't supposed to get a new Eve every forty years. Unfortunately, some people have a bad idea of what love is. If you love someone, that doesn't mean that your life is going to be one happy moment after another, with no problems at all. Love is when the problems come and it doesn't rip you apart, but you stick through it. Love is more than just two people who have feelings for each other, its two people committed to each other so much, that they're willing and ready to do anything for the other person's happiness, or at least wellbeing. But that's what I think, and I'm. . .I'm just being honest. Anyway, that'll end todays deep thought, sorry it didn't get posted yesterday like it was supposed to but I was dead tired. Later cotton candies.

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